What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting your home?

What is the difference between cleaning & disinfecting your home? 

We know regular cleaning maintenance is necessary in keeping your home tidy and feeling like a place that you and your family can relax and spend quality time in, but what is the difference between keeping your home clean and ensuring your home is disinfected? Although we may feel like our homes are clean during regular tidying, a lot of the products we use are not killing germs and bacteria that live deeply on our surfaces and things. Using chemical products that kill off bacteria and protect your surfaces after they are cleaned will ensure that no viruses will live on the surfaces of your humble home. These products will use the words sanitize, disinfect or antibacterial and are made to combat germs living on your surfaces. 

Here are some tips on disinfecting your home to ensure clean surfaces: 

1. Cleaning frequently touched areas like light switches, doorknobs, electronics, video game consoles, and controllers, tablets, cell phones, keyboards, and hard surfaces  

These areas spread the most germs, be sure to wipe them down at least twice a day with a wipe or disinfectant spray! 

2. Wear disposable gloves while cleaning and throw them away once you are finished! 

This will keep any bacteria from getting on your skin and stop the spread of germs.

3. Make your own bleach solution by using 5 tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water

Its a great go-to all purpose cleaner that is sure to zap bacteria on contact. 

4. Practise good hand hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water every 20 minutes

And sing the happy birthday song to yourself to ensure you are washing for long enough! 

In times like these, disinfecting can be a foolproof idea in ensuring that all bacteria is wiped from your surfaces This is great to help stop any germs from transferring around your hands and subsequently around your home. Remember that disinfecting should always be done with cleaning to ensure that your home is getting the best possible treatment. 

Stay safe and stay clean all!