How to ensure your entire house is disinfected

How to disinfect the surfaces in your home

Our homes should be a safe haven from the world around us. A place we can go to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, we carry bacteria in from the world around us every time we leave the house. This happens through our shoes, cell phones, clothing, and although the simple solution is cleaning, disinfecting your home means killing all the bacteria in it. 

Here are some indications to ensure you are disinfecting your home while cleaning.

Cleaning is great and should be done on a weekly if not daily basis. During these times especially, however, disinfecting can be the difference between killing viruses and bacteria and getting sick. 

Ensure all shared surfaces are wiped down twice a day: 

This includes any surface that can share a fluid; doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and common surfaces can we wiped down with a microfibre cloth using a solution of disinfectant cleaner and hot water, twice a day. 

Purchase the right cleaners to kill bacteria:

You will want to look for a product that kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses when used correctly. Some products may promise that they sanitize an area but some of these products are not effective in killing off viruses and fungi. Ensure your products are strong enough to kill all the pesky, stubborn germs! 

Disinfect every room in your house: 

Use gloves and wash your hands after you’re done cleaning with soap and water. Remember to wipe down hard and soft surfaces, electronics, video game consoles, and controllers, and non-washable surfaces using your favourite disinfectant sprays. 

Keep your families and your loved ones safe and sanitary.

We truly believe that a clean home equals a clean mind and we would be happy to support you during these trying times and to offer cleaning advice and solutions to keep your families bacteria-free. Get in touch today and stay safe inside! 

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