How To Deep Clean Your Home

How To Deep Clean Your Home

What does it mean to really deep clean?

We know it’s important to do weekly maintenance but deep cleaning requires getting into all the nooks and cranny’s of your home to make sure that built up dirt isn’t hiding in any of your corners, cupboards or behind furniture. 

Here are a few areas of your home you don’t want to miss when deep cleaning:


Baseboards, like walls, are often left and forgotten. But these additional grooves can trap dirt, dust, and buildup if they are eft untouched over time. Once a week grab a microfibre cloth, give it spray and wipe down the baseboards in your house and around your door frames (especially on top!) If they have been neglected for a while try using a damp cloth to scrub off any built-up dirt. 


Blinds get extremely dirty because they sit stagnantly and hold on to all the dirt and dust in the air around them. They are also often forgotten when doing regular cleaning. Cleaning blinds once a month is great in maintaining a dust-free home and ensuring that the air quality in your house is optimum and clean. Take a swifter cloth or a duster and wipe down your blinds from top to bottom. Make sure your house is dust-free! 


Anywhere that holds spillable products like food, makeup or toiletries gets dirty, sticky and messy. We use these drawers often and it’s a good idea to clean them out once every few weeks with a disinfectant to remove stains, spills and excess debris. While you’re at it give your bottles or products a wipe as well for some extra sanitary precautions. 


Did you know that the kitchen holds more dirt and bacteria than your bathroom?

The surfaces in our kitchen are ground for breeding bacteria and this includes the fridge! Yuck. Because the fridge holds foods that can spill and with various liquids all living in one place, your fridge area should be sanitized regularly. Using a disinfectant spray or a simple vinegar and water mixture, clear out all the food in your fridge and give every nook and cranny a good wipe down. Be sure to get rid of any spills or caked on messes and remove the fruit and veggie drawers to get to everything that may have fallen underneath them. It’s also a good opportunity to wash out the drawers with hot soap and water. 

Keeping a clean home doesn’t just mean weekly maintenance. Built-up dirt in the hiding places can fester bacteria, cause poor arir quality, dust bunnies and keep your house from ever really feeling fresh and clean. Ensuring you’ve deep cleaned your home can keep your family safe and everyone in the house happy!

We truly believe that a clean home equals a clean mind!

We’ve been Marie Kondo’ing for a while and are on a mission to keep all homes in the Vancouver area clean. stress-free and happy! 

Don’t know where to start? Here are 6 tips that you can do every day to ensure your house stays clean!