Why Us?


You are unique and so are our services! At BritClean our primary duty is to receive your satisfaction, it doesn't matter what type of cleaning your require, you're our priority from the moment we connect. Our aim is to make the service delivery as simple as possible for you and without any burden, worry or confusion - these are often things that we hear from clients before they experience BritClean.

One step ahead of the competition; we choose the highest quality products, utilise the most recommended tools and cloths, and our cleaing techniques are revised and updated with professional development programs every 3 months. You're in safe hands and that's all there is to it!

We are committed to our clients in every aspect. Your home is our castle for the time we are inside and we live by three rules:

1) Engage: You tell us exactly what you want - no pretenses, our time is yours for as long as you want it;

2) Deliver: We make certain our promises are fulfilled and deliver on your requests without compromise; 

3) Guarentee: If you are happy, so are we! 

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, that's how confident we are that you'll love us! In the instance you are not satisfied, we will return to you to make things right.

Our words are our bond and they are our clients' too. Click here to read what else they have to say!

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Quality assured services - licensed, insured, registered and background checked

BritClean understands that you are all unique, with your own individual expectations and desires and that's what makes our work so pleasurable as we get to work to your tailored needs. We know that you want us to conduct a professional, thorough and detailed clean - we know you don't want coffee stains left unwiped or things simply dusted around and not underneath. We are well aware of the mistakes that cleaners make, we have extensive experience in the industry and our dedication to research has also assisted us with learning the best, most efficient and thorough ways of leaving your home sparking clean every time. Our cleaning specialists will customise your visits at every juncture! You are given as much scope as you deem necessary to request, discuss, report as you please. If this isn't what you enjoy then we will take the reigns, confidently and respsonsibly and you'll be amazed with our level of expertise. When we say we'll vacuum, we WILL vacuum, when we say your bathroom will be cleaned, it WILL be cleaned. When we say our services are quality controlled, we mean it. The pattern here is notably our dedication and our promise - we love our values, every day!