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3 Tips 'N' Tricks For a More Efficient Laundry Cycle

Remember once or twice before, we’ve mentioned that ‘chair-drobe’. The classic little ‘accent’ chair that sits in the corner, once a bedroom masterpiece for its unique design that unfailingly creates visual interest for your beloved master bedroom. AH-Ha, THAT chair.

Is it still serving its OG purpose or really, is it a chair that is now flooded in the clothes that you do not want to fold, or perhaps it is home for the laundry that isn’t laundry-but-it-is-laundry pile?

I think that most of us have chairs that fit into this category BUT fear no more guys, we have some superb little tricks and laundry hacks for your perusal - fun stuff!


1. Our first trick is to do one load of laundry per day!

Initially, this sounds a little terrifying, right? It is hard enough to find time in the day to cook, clean, and relax and now we are telling you to do ONE LOAD OF LAUNDRY A DAY? 😲

Once you get through the first-time blues, this trick really is probably our most favourite. Why? Because if you are washing, drying, folding, and putting away one load of laundry in a busy household, you’re always one step ahead of the game and you do not feel this great sense of overwhelm every time you hit ‘laundry day’ which never, ever really turns out to be what it says on the tin.

Usually, the typical scenario goes - laundry day arrives... 

One load goes in, which is set to dry after an hour, the second load goes in while the other dries... The second load is pulled out, left unfolded in a heap on top of the machine and the wet laundry goes into the dryer, which is switched on and never to be opened again!

Haha, OK, we know that’s a little extreme but I am sure you’re catching our drift 👍.

Recommended: one laundry loads every day, keeping it simple and efficient. For example, If you have a couple of little ones, consider having one laundry day a week assigned to one of your children, and another assigned to your second-born, and so on and so forth.

You can choose a day per week for specific items to launder if it makes it easier for you, whether it is Saturday for bed linens and towels or getting your significant other's laundry from dirty to folded on a Wednesday.

Honestly, whatever works for you but setting a simple laundry schedule really will make a difference!

2. Our second trick is to get others involved in your laundry routine.

The general consensus is: nobody likes to do laundry. It isn’t the most exciting task even if we do love the feel and smell of freshly laundered clothes. It’s OK, we get it BUT have you ever heard the notion, ‘change your mindset, change your life?' This applies here guys! 🙏 

Let’s start to think of laundry as a fun thing that we can get the whole family involved with. Whether or not it is your kiddies jumping aboard with pairing socks, or enticing them to put folded laundry away by timing them to make it more exciting! If you start em’ young then as they get a little older, your children will feel more inclined to put their folded clothing away and one day -  as if by magic - your teenagers will be folding their own clothes? Miracles DO happen! 🥳

3. Our third and final trick is to minimize the laundry process.

This is one little hack to pay attention to if nothing else because once you get this wheel in action, you’ll never look back! 💫

  • Wash clothing ONLY when it is actually dirty. Forget the wear-it-once-and-throw-it-away approach. We all know that jeans and sweaters can be worn more than once, so get into this habit and promote it to the rest of your family too. This will inevitably reduce the laundry load. 

  • Wash your everyday clothing on cold to keep sorting and separating at a minimum, this way you can wash only specific types of clothing articles at any given time.

  • When you’re hanging clothes up, think about simple ways that you can make it easier for yourself. We suggest grabbing your hangers, having them all stacked the same way in a pile next to your clothes, and start by putting the hanger on the first item on top of the stack. After this, fold the hanger over so it is still on the stack but not hung up, and continue this method until everything is on a hanger (as pictured below) then voila, you have an entire stack of hung laundry ready to be swept up and hung altogether inside your wardrobe.

  • Reduce your clothing by doing a purge 🧺 Marie Kondo style. This one is self-explanatory really. By reducing your numbers, you’re reducing your washing load. Easy peasy.

  • If you’re stuck for time, consider using the ‘quick wash’ option on your washing machine. The QW cycle doesn’t mean it’s any less effective, it is just more efficient though this is only applicable if you’re doing a general wash and not a targeted stain removal cycle or washing underwear! In this case, all washing cycles need to be at 60 degrees I’m afraid!

    With a QW, your clothes are washed at 30 degrees, to begin with, and any increase in temperature thereafter simply means that the timing goes up accordingly.

    Realistically, you’re just washing your clothes conveniently and in accordance with your timing needs, that’s all! Another cool perk is that you’re also saving up to 60 percent in energy consumption in comparison to a regular cotton cycle

So there you have it, a few T’s and T’s for your laundry needs. These can be applied to any household but are especially good for all of you busy mommy's slaying it out there because we know just how much of a struggle it can be to balance work-life, home-life, and all of the chores.

These are tried and tested game changers that keep washing, and sorting to a minimum while making it so much more fluent when searching for clothes in the AM.

Let us know how you get along, we'd love to hear from you!

Keep Clean & Carry On 😉 Slay Everyday!