6 simple tips to keep your house clean

The 21 Day to 'Make-a-Habit' Challenge!

6 Simple Life Rules to keep it clean at home

Let's face it, keeping up with your regular day-to-day housekeeping can be a real drag - it can be mundane and tiresome to always find 'time' to maintain a clean home alongside all of the other unavoidable tasks of life. Don't let life get you down, you can find quick top-notch ways that enable you to adjust your lifestyle very subtly but with maximum impact!

We promise, it's worth persevering with - it'll change your life!

Luckily, we've put together a list of daily chores you can do to keep your house in sparkling condition: 

1. Always make your bed

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 and my goodness doesn't it feel good to start the day off on a good foot? Trust me, you'll feel better for it when you get home too. It doesn't have to be perfect but to get into a regular routine each morning of ruffling a few sheets together and throwing a couple of pillows and cushions on top in an almost-orderly fashion will make a humongous difference! Your brain has a way of reacting to pleasant things and with a boost of all that goodness, you’ll feel pleasant and peaceful like our good friend Marie Kondo so appropriately points out. Keep it tidy for your tidy mind to prevail!

2. Do A Load of Laundry Every Day

Does your washing pile up? Of COURSE, it does... It's OK, it's normal.

Let's get things together here - having a huge pile of washing to tend to at the weekend simply cuts your leisure time short. To spend countless hours on a Friday night or a Saturday afternoon washing and drying laundry, not even to mention finding the energy to fold and put it away can be pretty ghastly, right? Well.. Here is what you can do... Easy peasy. Do a load of washing every single day to avoid the chief mountainous laundry load from bogging you down. Pop your laundry into the washer in the AM and come home to dry it in the PM if needed, simple life hack: just keep on top of it.

3. Clean Up when you have finished cooking

Ah! OK. So you are already saying: I have to do all of this plus look after the kids, the family, the dog AND then worry about cleaning up after I cook? We can’t get away from the fact that life has to be life but we sure can really do the best that we can! Cooking - whether fun or not - does not have to be so time-consuming. Get it made and then simply clean up after yourself - you’d be surprised at how much of a difference that this can make. A quick wipe of the surfaces for disinfectant's sake if nothing else should be your starting block. Keep fresh dish sponges at your sink or nearby with numerous drying cloths underneath your sink so that you always have a fresh supply - this reduces allergens and kills all of the nasties. It is always the easiest way to encourage yourself to clean up every time you finish cooking! 21 days people, 21 days.

4. Do an evening clean-up before you go to snooze-land

Do a nightly clean up! This applies whether you are single or you have a family. 

The best way to achieve a clean mind and a happy life is to go to bed with a tidy brain! Before you practice your regular nighttime routine, consider applying 15 minutes clean-up time to your usual humdrum. In doing so, you can really get a handle on the next morning and wake up in slay mode! It doesn’t have to be anything exhaustive, let’s just say… Put the kid's toys away, dishes into the dishwasher and run a cycle of washing before you go to sleep!  Repeat steps 1 to 4 every day and your nightly clean-up is almost already done. Perfect!

5. Whenever you leave a room, look for something to take with you

This is a fabulous rule for the family! Let’s just say that any time you finish in one space, look around for something you can take with you, albeit dishware, clothing, toys.. It’s also the best way to get the family involved. Yes, that’s husbands, wives AND the little tidily winks. Goodness, if you can get the dog to clear up too then you’re really in beast mode! Always remember that a habit is created in 21 days so do this for this short time and it’ll occur like clockwork.

6. Door Mats, Door Mats, Door Mats

We think that the final solution to life is to pop doormats into all entry-ways and departure areas. What does this mean for you? No soil, dirt or debris is entering your home which means less mess, fewer things to clean and most importantly, no bacteria or allergens being traipsed through your humble abode! Simple solutions really do make life simple for you!

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Let’s just say that by adopting these easy habits as your own will mean that life is smoother and your well-being becomes the priority! Don’t believe us? Try these simple cleaning hacks for 21 days and tell us whether this made a difference for you! If you are having trouble staying on top of everything, don’t forget that our Vancouver Home Cleaning teams are just a jiffy away! We have the best cleaning professionals available for regular cleaning, one-time cleaning, deep cleaning, spring cleaning, move in and move out cleaning, post-construction cleaning, AirBNB cleaning and all other types of house cleaning that you can think of!

Cheers to a happy life guys and girls!

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